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Charnwood stove fitter Exeter  

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Charnwood stove fitter Exeter  

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Why we supply Stovax Stoves A bit about Stovax

Grandisson use Stovax as they offer a range of different designs in both traditional as well as modern styles with a design to fit almost any customer. Their design range includes built in and hearth mounted wood burning fires that can be fitted to your needs. Our Exeter stove fitters have been providing Stovax stoves to numerous people which has created many happy customers.

Since the Clean Air Act 1993 smoke control areas surround most town and city homes. In these smoke control areas you need stoves with clean burning combustion so Stovax provide stoves that are permitted as they have been granted exemption from the regulations by DEFRA.

Stovax provide a local production of air wash stoves that draw cool air from outside using vents that then is used to wash over the inside of the glass front that then allows you to keep the glass cleaner for a longer period.

Stovax stoves also provide clean burn combustion on a variety of their stoves; this allows you to then burn logs with excellent efficiency and more heat is delivered into the room and less up the chimney, which is accomplished by their stoves burning hydrocarbons inside of the smoke.

We have a close working relationship with Stovax, as they have showed constantly that they only create great quality stoves as well as their customer service is excellent and often exceeds other suppliers. Stovax aim to create a 100% satisfaction rate from their customers that they supply by offering only premium stoves and with the finest service to help customers with any further issues.

Also as Stovax is only local when our stover fitters, Exeter, are installing a heating product we can easily drive to their Exeter based warehouse to collect the parts we need rather than needing to look nationally, or in some cases look internationally. As we are so close to Stovax we provide them with display items and they use our showroom to give other retailers an idea of what they can do in their showrooms. We have an excellent face to face relationship with Stovax and often give feedback for new Stovax stoves they supply us with. This has helped our Exeter stove fitters install Stovax stoves time after time in knowledge they are only offering the best.

So if you are looking for an Exeter stove fitter than can supply you with a Stovax stove ensure you contact us today.

Stovax Limited, established in 1981 is based in Exeter, and is renowned for the design, manufacture and distribution of wood burning stoves, and accessories. Gazco Ltd, Stovax's sister company was set up in 1988 after Stovax themselves decided to venture out into manufacturing gas-fired versions of Stovax Stoves. Gazco and Stovax work very closely together as sister companies and each have developed product ranges which have enabled them to become one of Europe's leading manufacturers of stoves, fireplaces and fires which they export to worldwide countries.

Yeoman, which specialise in the rustic and rural style stoves, was purchased by Stovax in 2006. The company still continue to produce their distinctive range of multi- fuel, gas, electric and wood burning stoves under the Yeoman brand.

Alongside these companies, Stovax are the UK and Republic of Ireland's distributor of Dovre fireplaces and Stoves. Gazco is the UK and Republic of Ireland distributor for Wamsler solid fuel cookers and stoves.

Our team of Exeter Stove fitters have installed Stovax stoves countless amounts of times, so have a great knowledge and experience to know what pure quality Stovax offers to our customers.

View the brochures (left) to see more or pop into our Devon stove showroom.

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Devon stove installation
Stove installation Devon
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